Ski Jumping Nordic Combined in Russia. Sports Club "Flying Skier" - Perm. Ski Jumping Nordic Combined in Russia. Sports Club "Flying Skier" - Perm. Ski Jumping Nordic Combined in Russia. Sports Club "Flying Skier" - Perm.



In June1963, the first specialized club "The Flying Skier" was created by Dzerzhinsky Plant in Perm, the plant had a ski. The club united all jumpers and participants of Nordic Combination from Perm and became the methodical Centre of Perm Region. The best personnel of trainers were attracted to the club: N. N. Nekrasov, V. A. Budykho, V. A. Kuznetsov, L. N. Zhigalov, V. G. Gaziev, B. N. Tchernykh, V. N. Bykov and others.


One of enthusiastic person of the new club was a well-known sportsman - B. Y. Gurevich.. Many years he was at the head of the club as a public leader. Later V. A. Tataurov continued the work. Since 1964 and more than 20 years he had been the leader of the club. He also was the first director of children's Sportschool (1968). Since 1974 - the Sportschool has become a reserve for the Olympic Games.

Many specialists from Moscow, Leningrad, Gorky, Alma-Ata, Kirov, Sverdlovsk, N.Tagil, Tomsk, Ufa and other cities visited Perm Club to take part in scientific-practical conference to exchange an experience.

The club "The Flying Skier" and the Sportschool put many Perm jumpers and participants of Nordic-combination into life of great sport. They took part in many important competitions of our country and abroad as the representatives of Perm Region, Russia, Soviet Union. Pupils of N. N. Necrasov, V. A. Budykho, B. I. Kopnin, L. N.Z higalov, V. G. Gaziev and others succeeded in some international competitions, championships, Cups of the World and the Olympic Games; they are the following: brothers V. and R. Bykov, A. Shakhtorin, A. Nosov, V. Rusinov, S. Zontov, G. Prokopenko, L. Tchashin, S. Saichik, V. Vlasov. The first champion of the USSR in ski jumps in 1958 was Perm "flying skier" Rudolf Bykov - an honourable sportsmaster. For many years he had been one of the best jumpers of this country. He was a member of the USSR sportsteam and showed excellent results in some international competitions.

The honourable sportsmaster Alexander Shakhtorin together with Rudolf Bykov were the members of Russian sportsteam. Many times A.Shakhtorin was awarded with specialized prizes for his perfect, complicated techniques of ski jumps in Poland, Norway, Finland, Austria.


One of the first Soviet jumpers, who got over 100 m. was from Perm Region - Boris Azyabin. He made his jump on 101 m from Gorky ski in 1960 and another his record was made in Austria. He jumped from 70 m ski in 1961.

Another graduaters of Perm Sportschool, the honourable sportsmasters of the USSR such as I. Gubin, B. Azyabin, L. Zhigalov, G. Pukhachev, S. Zontov, V. Galushin, G. Prokopenko, V. Veselkov, V. Cherepanov, L. Komarov.

Good stimulus for the development of ski jump tower jumps in Perm Region always has been the traditional Union competition on behalf of Dzerzhinsky. Its initiator and chief organizer was the plant of Dzerzhinsky. The competition had been held since 1957, during 30 years. The team of the USSR was a real adornment of the competitions, thanks to such famous sportsmen as: N. Kamensky, N. Shamov, Y. Scvortsov, K. Tsakadze, A. Borovitin, V. Sannikov, M. Veretennikov, G. Napalkov, B. Sidorenkov, S. Saichik, V. Chernyshov, D. Abramov.

Not a few talented sportsmen had being prepared for that years. In 1967 Vladimir Galushin from Spartak Unit became the champion of the USSR in ski jumping in 1967.

In 1968-1970 Sergey Zontov became the Champion of the USSR (the juniors category). Since 1968 till 1972 he had been taking part successfuly in the international competitions in this country and abroad. In 1971 he was taking part in the competition on the prize of Georgians Soviet Minister in Bakuriany. 10 countries were presented, and there were 6 champions among them. L. N. Zhigalov, the trainer, recollected: 'I noticed that day Sergey was excited. I took him away while jumping his main opponents- Napalkov, Belousov, Ivannikov, Zheglanov and foreign sportsmen. We talked about Perm and home. When his turn came, he made a jump on 104 m. Not bad. The second attempt. I saw him standing on the highest start spot then he slopped down. And there was his result - 115,5 m. It was obvious that he broke a new record."


Once more time Sergey Zontov was lucky, it was 1972 when he beated the famous jumpers A. Zheglanov, A. Ivannikov, G. Napalkov and was included in the list of contenders for the Olympic games in Sapporo. But it appeared that he did not take part in them. By the way, Sergey Zontov became the сharacter prototype in the picture "The Big ski". The shooting was made in Perm.

The international class sportsmaster Gennady Prokopenko - one of the talented jumpers of Perm Region, the champion and prizewinner of the USSR sports festivals, the winner of many international competitions. Taking part in the World Championship in 1983 in Garrakhovo (Czechoslovakia), Prokopenko showed the result - 156 m and 159 m, such result was the best achievment among Russian jumpers during all sports history of ski jumping in Russia. G. Prokopenko - is the champion of the World Students' sports festival in Italy, 1985. He also took part in the Winter Olympic Games in Saraevo, 1984.

The sportsmaster Valentin Veselkov taking part in the championship of the USSR, 1982, in Krasnoyarsk, was rewarded by a bronze medal for his result - 140 m.

For several years the sportsmaster of internationl class, the member of the USSR sportsteam, the champion of the USSR and world competitions and championships, the USSR cup's owner in 1982 Leonid Komarov had been presenting Perm region (he is from Lysva sportschool).

Boris Shvetsov

Boris Shvetsov — head of children's sports school "Flying skier".

Young jumpers - S. Kozlovsky, A. Zaborsky, N. Tchirkov, V. Sterlyadev showed good results in the USSR championship (the junior category) and were rewarded with bronze medals. For the last several years the sportsmasters of international class, champions and winners of many Russian and world competitions Sergey Mikheev, Roman Kerov, Roman Pashkin showed stable and high results in ski jumping. Sergey Mikheev - the world record holder in ski jumping (in Lysva's ski - 95 m, in Perm's ski - 77 m), Roman Kerov and Roman Pashkin - the participants of the World Students' Sports festival in 1966, Spain.

In 1972 Perm club "The Flying Skier" was awarded the сall "The Supporting Point for Olympic Training". In 1974 - the call "The Centre of Olympic Training". Being at the head of the club Tataurov was presented with the honourable deeds of the Soviet Trade Union and All-Union Committee of Physical Culture and Sport.

A large group of young perspective sportsmen have being prepared in the club, nowadays they have a success in many competitions. It is evident merit of such experienced trainers as the honoured sportsmasters L. N. Zhigalov, V. G. Gaziev, V. N. Tchernykh, I. V. Gubin, V. P. Kasyanov, S. V. Lapin, honoured trainers of Russia A. V. Babushkin, S. B. Obukhov, A. V. Garanin.

In Lysva, Kizel, Berezniki, Kudymkar, Tchaikovsky, Sylva and Ilyinsky (Perm Region) ski jumping has good development.

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